SCHC Is Awarded With Better Business Bureau’s Gold Star Certificate

SCHC was awarded with the GOLD STAR CERTIFICATE by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for being an accredited business with outstanding Ranking performance: A+ – the highest ranking possible – since 1999, when SCHC (former Houston Carton, and Schulze Container), joined the Better Business Bureau.

“In 2018, SCHC will have its 30th anniversary. We are very proud that on the verge of this great milestone, our adherence to the Better Business Bureau Accreditation Standards have earned us this gold star. We are thrilled to be become better each year. In 2018, we will double our warehousing space, and provide more businesses with excellent Packaging, and Third-Party Logistics Solutions”, says SCHC’s CEO & President, Mr. Heller Cozac.
More than keeping the good work, the goal at SCHC is to surpass your expectations regarding your Packaging, and Logistics needs. Count on SCHC’s expertise- Proven, ranked A+, and awarded by the Better Business Bureau.

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Empresa de Logística Terceirizada e Embalagem traz vantagem competitiva para Empresas Exportadoras de Rocha Ornamental

HOUSTON, Texas — Com o compromisso de fornecer um conjunto completo de Soluções de Logística no Manejo de Chapas de Rocha Ornamental e Pedra Industrializada para distribuidores locais, a SCHC tem emergido, também, como a fornecedora #1 para Exportadores de Chapas de Pedra Natural e Industrializada de países como o Brasil, Itália e India. A empresa finalizou uma recente revisão completa de sua infraestrutura, que incluiu a instalação de um guincho de alta capacidade para manejo das pesadas chapas de pedra, e a expansão da área construída para armazenamento das chapas de Rocha Ornamental.

SCHC é especializada no armazenamento e distribuição de chapas de quartzo, mármore, granito, ardosia e pedra-sabão no território americano, México e Canadá. A escolha por fornecedores de Logística Terceirizada elimina, efetivamente, um investimento de capital significativo aos exportadores de chapas de pedra brasileiros, que não tem o desejo, necessidade, ou capital para instalar, equipar e gerir Centros de Distribuição nos Estados Unidos e América do Norte. Como sabemos, o manejo de Rocha Ornamental e Pedra Sintética ou Industrializada exige equipamento pesado, especializado e de alto custo, além de treinamento técnico e contínuo para a equipe de Logística.

Com a SCHC e seus 23 hectares de espaço para armazenagem interno e externo, os importadores podem aproveitar o conhecimento, a experiência e a habilidade de nossa equipe de Logística, além de obter acesso a importantes equipamentos de manuseio, como Mighty Slab Racks™, para estocagem das chapas, e os Mighty A-Frames™ para distribuição das chapas de quartzo, mármore, granito, ardosia e pedra-sabão.

SCHC é membro da International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA) e do Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​com uma nota A+ desde nossa primeira avaliação, em 1999.

A SCHC está em uma região previlegiada para oferecer os serviços de Logística Terceirizada (3PL Logistics) para essas empresas exportadoras de Rocha Ornamental. Localizada no centro dos Estados Unidos da América, na região Sudoeste/ Central, a cidade de Houston possui o terceiro maior Porto do país, o Porto de Houston, e é a melhor pedida quando se deseja exportar para todas as regiões dos Estados Unidos, México e Canadá.

Sobre a SCHC

A SCHC formou-se a partir da união de sua Divisão de Embalagem- previamente chamada Houston Carton- fundada em 1988 com sua Divisão de Logística-previamente chamada Schulze Container – fundada em 2005. Ambas empresas se uniram sob o nome SCHC- Parceiros em Logística e Embalagem. As duas empresas aprimoraram perfeitamente a experiência e o conhecimento extensivo em Embalagens, armazenagem e Logística. A SCHC é o fornecedor número 1 de caixas de papelão enceradas em Houston e oferece Soluções Integradas de Embalagem e Logística, projetadas para revitalizar a cadeia de produção de clientes de todos os portes.  Para mais informações, compartilhe conosco o Escopo de seu Projeto através do e-mail:

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SCHC Attends To 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo

Palm Springs, California — SCHC has been a proud member of the International Warehouse and Logistics Association (IWLA) since 2007. This 10-year membership has provided opportunities, knowledge, and visibility to SCHC that only the biggest Warehousing and Logistics association in North America could provide. An example was 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo, which took place in Palm Springs, California, from March 19th to March 21st.

Heller Cozac, SCHC’s president, attended the IWLA conference, which theme was “Leadership that Inspires”. The IWLA convention’s agenda included networking events, fundraising dinners, leadership lectures, panel discussions, and more – not to mention the stunning background of the California Desert. “It’s the fourth time SCHC has attended the IWLA’s annual Convention. It’s great to have the opportunity to see the latest technologies in third-party logistics, besides learning and sharing with our colleagues our mutual experiences”, said Mr. Cozac.

The exposition displayed some of the industry’s top products, new tools and resources to grow successful businesses. Over 500 people participated in the IWLA Convention, in which the ultimate goal is to make it possible for warehousing and logistics professionals – CEOs, owners, directors of operations, marketing managers – to work together for a stronger, smarter industry. SCHC made connections that will result in improvements in our warehouse operations, as well as improved service to our clients.

SCHC Increases Its Warehousing Capacity By 50% With Powerful Overhead Crane System

Houston area logistics and packaging company SCHC increases warehousing services significantly with the installation of an overhead crane system allowing greater efficiency and complete solutions for clients.

ROSENBERG, Texas — Since 2005, SCHC’s third-party Logistics Division (former Schulze Container), continued to diversify its operation in order to offer broader and more progressive solutions to its clients. Twelve years later, that reality has not changed. In March of 2017, SCHC installed a 5ton Overhead Crane System in one of its warehouses. This powerful device will result in 50% increase of storage capacity for our current and future clients.

“The benefits of our Overhead Crane System go beyond the increased warehousing capacity. It is a completely automated system that makes our operation safer and more efficient”, said Heller Cozac, president of SCHC. Before clearing the crane system for use, many test were ran, and the warehouse crew was certified for operating it.

SCHC’s provides storage to dozens of companies with the most diverse products, from lamps to parts for oil field equipment. At present, the new crane system is being used to consolidate the inventory for a Natural Stone Importer that has used SCHC services for drayage, warehousing, and distribution for years. “Stone Slabs are heavy, but fragile. Our new Overhead Crane System will allow us to create a complete Library of customer’s Inventory, so when orders are placed, our time to fulfill them will be increasingly faster”, says Cameron Cozac, V.P. of Operations at SCHC.

SCHC Logistics Division has expanded each day. In a little more than a decade, the 23+-acre property has continued to grow larger and more modern with the addition of each warehouse. The warehouses are equipped with a Cloud- Based Inventory System, a 24/7 monitored security surveillance, and top-notch equipment, such as the new Overhead Crane System.

“SCHC is a company that grows with each new customer. We find satisfaction in learning through each client’s needs, and specificities. After all, that’s what a 3PL Logistics company is supposed to do: to reach out and improve itself to help our clients to focus on, and get the most from their core activity”, said Mr. Heller Cozac.


SCHC is A member of the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Its facilities are positioned close to the Port of Houston and major highways making SCHC a distribution hub for Mexico, Central America, the Gulf Coast and the rest of the United States. SCHC has a Packaging Division specialized in Corrugated Packaging, Wax Packaging, and Beverage Baskets. For more information, e-mail us at or call us at 713.559.0570 or 800.373.9250.

Houston Carton and its sister company, Schulze Container, announce a major rebranding to become SCHC, Partners in Logistics and PackagingTM

HOUSTON, Texas – January 2016

Brief History

Houston Carton was founded in 1987 by Heller Cozac after spending the prior 10 years working at a small, corrugated box manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. With his niche-specific experience and expertise in Corrugated Packaging, Heller decided to launch his own business and Houston Carton was born.

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