We offer warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, repackaging, and inventory management.



We work together with high quality partners to provide you with superior integrated solutions.



We offer custom designed Packaging uniquely styled and sized to ensure your product's integrity when shipped.


Welcome to SCHC, your headquarters for state-of-the-art Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution and Inventory Management solutions. SCHC is a leading provider of wax packaging, folding cartons and corrugated boxes headquartered in Houston, TX. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will work closely with you to develop reliable solutions to package and ship your perishable goods to insure they arrive at their destination fresh and delicious!

In fact, SCHC offers a full suite of packaging, logistic and integrated services for a diverse clientele. All of it is delivered with the expertise that comes with the decades of combined experience that we have on our staff.

The Premier Provider of Wax Corrugated Boxes

SCHC implements a proprietary wax treatment that allows our packaging to last longer when exposed to moisture. Our wax corrugated seafood boxes are perfect for the wet environments where fish are processed and packaged.

We also offer wax corrugated poultry boxes that stand up to the punishment that comes with packaging and shipping items. Wax corrugated boxes are advantageous for a number of reasons, some of these reasons include the fact that they:

  • Fend off moisture
  • Lock freshness in
  • Provide additional strength for the structure of the box
  • Helps Prevent leaks
  • Wax treatment can be applied to corrugated boxes on most sizes
  • And more

SCHC’s wax corrugated seafood boxes are not only highly functional, but our team can work closely with you to brand the boxes with a company logo, custom messaging, custom color scheme and more. This helps increase brand recognition amongst whoever comes into contact with a shipment.

SCHC Works With Many Members of the Beverage Industry

Our wax packaging solutions are just one area of specialization for our team. We work with beer, wine and spirits manufacturers and retailers, providing the needed packaging solutions to create a convenient experience for their customers.

Clients can team with SCHC and take advantage of our six pack beer carrier wholesale manufacturer and distribution. We provide a number of solutions — carriers that accommodate either traditional or non-traditional (i.e. bombers, growlers, etc.) beer bottles or wine and spirit containers.

As a six pack beer carrier distributor, we know that branding is also key in the crowded world of brewing, wine-making and beverage sales. That’s why our creative team works closely with clients to deliver branded carriers that grab the attention of customers and are also functional.

Trust an Industry Leader for Your Packaging Needs

From wax corrugated boxes on wholesale to our long list of other packaging options, we invite you to consult with our team and tell us about your needs. We can walk you through our extensive offering of solutions and help match you with one that brings efficiency to your operation.

We are the leader in wax corrugated boxes, both here in Houston and beyond. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. SCHC is also a leader in Warehousing, Inventory Management, Distribution, Fulfillment and Repackaging

With over 23 acres of indoor and outdoor storage, no job is too big or too small for SCHC. SCHC offers dry storage in food grade warehouses. SCHC specializes in the storage and handling of Quartz, Marble and Granite slabs; high value Oil Field Parts and Equipment; as well as Furniture Receiving, storage and professional installation of model homes, assisted living facilities, and private residences.

SCHC is your one-stop shop, founded in customer service, for all of you Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution and Inventory Management needs.